Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Selections

Painting from nature is an attempt to capture a moment of fleeting beauty. Fleeting - because life is never still. The light and shadows are in continuous movement as the sun progresses across the sky. The sky is forever changing its patterns of clouds and colours. Leaves now flutter then become still; change colour with the varying seasons or abandon the trees altogether. Seas ebb and flow. Rivers become raging torrents or peaceful fishing spots. And so it goes on.......

These random studies are taken from photographs where glimpses of nature are caught and kept still....and an artist can reverence with each stroke the beauty of creation.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Folk

Wherever you look there is life. No matter how much or how often we self-destruct - life itself is never vanquished. Suffering requires courage to continue bravely bearing life's physical, mental or spiritual burdens....we need signs around us to inspire and encourage us and like that King who took inspiration in the little spider climbing the water spout we too are blessed to observe the Little Folk unselfconsciously and busily going about their work making creation beautiful. Delightful colours contained in all sorts of shapes such as flowers, grass, trees, oceans, skies exuding scents or simply delighting us with not only their joy of living but - life-sustaining work.